• Being a good Boy Scout is... 10 photos

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    A new member of our scout movement has to go through a journey before he can be truly called a scout.
    During the first month of the school year, we recruit enthusiastic young men to join our scout movement. Their journey begins now. The first few weeks are nothing more than an introductory phase. Our new recruits get to meet their fellow scouts as well as learn about our way of living. They get to learn about our laws and our goals. As the weeks pass, our new members are taught how to build everything they may need to survive our long and demanding camps. We teach them the songs we sing and the principals we follow. At this point, our new scouts feel like they are part of the troupe. Now they get to participate in all of our activities. For example, we celebrated our independence day by spending an entire day with the “Maghawir”. An experience that helped teach our young men about what a soldier goes through to defend his country. But our activities are not strictly educational. New scouts get to participate in physically demanding challenges. For instance, the day we organized an entire sports event with troupe St. Joseph. The recruits could play basketball, football, rugby and all kinds of other sports. But everything that went on during our first semester was building up to what was the biggest challenge a new scout has to deal with: The first camp. Our Christmas camp took place on the 27th 28th and 29th of December in Kleiat. The first time our young men get to be self-dependent. Everyone gets to learn new and interesting things. But what highlighted our camp this year was our visit “Anta Akhi” and “AFEL”. Though the interaction with people in need our recruits got to truly experience the Christmas spirit.