• Training Session SSCC Ain Najm Missionary Group 8 photos

    Missionnaires SSCC

    Being part of the SSCC Ain Najm Missionary group is a great opportunity. It helps us overcome any obstacle together, as one heart, as one family. It helps us to know more about ourselves and about God, and how to help all the people around us. It's about growing together, and helping others grow with us. This year, our main goal is to learn about living together as one team where each of us adds some value to our community.
    On our training session, we took part in some activities prepared by Mr. Johnny Helou. The games aimed at teaching us about team building, and how to assign all the tasks to the members of the group.
    We also met the famous marathon runner Miss Katia Rached, who told us about her life and all the steps she had to take in order to reach her goal, no matter how hard it is.
    This fruitful day has taught us that we should take risks, follow our hearts, and never stop chasing our dreams.
    Lara Tannouri-S2