• Outing to Baskinta: Blend of culture, nature and fun! 21 photos


    Grade 10 students set off on an exciting outing to Baskinta. Among the highlights of their trip was a visit to Mikhael Naimy's house, the renowned poet and philosopher. Stepping into the house allowed them to be immersed in Naimy's rich history and literary legacy. They also paid their respects at the mausoleum, a tranquil and contemplative site that honored Naimy's memory. As the day unfolded, the students embarked on a breathtaking hike, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Baskinta. As they connected with nature, they creating indelible memories and deepened their bond with their classmates. This outing provided the grade 10 students with a deeper appreciation for literature, history, and the beauty of Lebanon.
    We thank Mr Najib Naimy for his valuable assistance as well as for the rich cultural input he shared with our teenagers.