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    A group of S1 and S2 students had the privilege of visiting the Ministry of Telecommunication and of meeting as well as exchanging ideas with the esteemed minister, Mr. Johnny Corm, who welcomed them warmly and engaged them in a thought-provoking discussion. In fact, they eagerly shared their perspectives on the role of telecommunications in shaping society and the impact of technological advancements on their generation. In turn, Mr. Korm encouraged them to think critically about the opportunities in the field.This inspiring interaction left the students with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the role they could play in shaping Lebanon's digital future. Then, the high schoolers headed to the MTC office. There, they toured the departments of HR, communication, marketing and the call centre. The welcoming staff provided them with a firsthand glimpse into the intricacies and prospects of each department. The pinnacle of the tour was the technical department where our students realised the pivotal role that telecommunication professionals play in connecting individuals throughout the nation. This experience not only broadened the high schoolers' horizons but also ignited a passion within them to pursue careers in the telecommunications industry.
    We thank Mr. Simon Stephan who suggested this field visit and made all the arrangements for it. We extend our thanks to the teams of both the ministry and MTC offices for welcoming our students on their premises.