• Cyprus Training Sessions- July 2023 14 photos


    In their quest to seek new prospects to introduce in the next academic year, the school rector Sister Nawal Akiki and a number of SSCC Ain Najm board members attended several enriching training sessions at the Universities of Nicosia (UNIC) and of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in Cyprus. The main objectives of this training were to implement artificial intelligence in our daily teaching methods and to enhance creativity through hands-on activities. Dr. Alexandre held the “Era of AI” workshop at UNIC whereas Drs. Piki and Paspallis presented the “Creative tools for learning” at UCLAN. The series of workshops ended with a self-development session about “the wheel of life” and one's “vision board” with Mr. Helou from Tawjih company. By embracing these new techniques, the school board gained valuable insights on how to create a learning environment that promotes autonomy and welcomes change and innovation.

    In addition to all the above, the group had an impressive tour around various schools, where they visited the medical simulation lab, the media center, the forensic sciences department, and the courtrooms.

    They also took the opportunity to hold a mass, celebrated by Father Tony El Khawli in the monastery of St Elias of Koutchati, where they were welcomed by Abbot Youssef Mikhael.

    Last but not least, we, at SSCC Ain Najm, can state that this training was beneficial on many levels as it widened our scope and strengthened our belief in meeting the demands of the age without nonetheless jeopardizing the learning experience.