• Spiritual Retreat at Qannoubine - G12 31 photos


    In the late afternoon of October 6, our students set out on a journey to the sacred valley of Quannoubine, which held the promise of both spiritual fulfillment and physical challenge. With each step, the worn path beneath their feet bore witness to the countless pilgrims who had walked this route before, seeking solace, redemption, or simply a deeper connection with the divine.

    As the miles stretched out before them, their thoughts turned inward. Each step became a prayer, a meditation on the purpose of their quest. The weight of their sins, doubts, and fears seemed to lighten with every passing mile, replaced by a growing sense of hope and purpose.

    At night, when the stars painted the sky with their celestial beauty, they would find shelter in the convent's church or under the open canopy of heaven, offering thanks for the day's progress and seeking guidance for the path ahead. The silence of the night was a sanctuary, a place where the pilgrims' souls could speak to the divine without distraction.

    And so, our students pressed on, guided by faith, humility, and an unwavering determination to reach the end of their journey. In the end, they understood that the path of the pilgrim was not just a physical one but a profound inner voyage, a quest for meaning, and a timeless pursuit of the divine.