• Spiritual Retreat 29 photos


    In the purpose of enriching the students' spiritual lives, the school chaplaincy organised a spiritual retreat set in the natural setting of Ghosta and Harissa. This day-long journey was crafted to provide a serene and reflective space for our teenagers, fostering personal and spiritual growth. The day kicked off with a stop in the convent of Apotres Convent, where our students were gathered in different groups to explore the Byzantine rite through a set of icons. Then, the 11 graders went on a guided hike to Jabal El Rahme. There, they connected with nature and engaged in self-reflection. The pivotal element of the retreat was a Byzantine mass, held by Monsignor Tony Karam and Father Salim Battani in the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, in Harissa. In fact, it created a sense of unity and peace. The students were in awe listening to the exhaustive explanation of Father Elie Aghya about the history of the cathedral and the meaning of the icons. At the end of the day, our teenagers came back not only more religiously knowledgeable, but also more spiritually equipped to face life challenges.