• Soaring like an Eagle! The Missionary Group 21 photos

    Missionnaires SSCC

    With excited hearts and beaming eyes, the SSCC Ain Najm Missionary group pushed their limits to the extreme on Sunday February 3. During this journey under the sky of Laqlouq, we strived to find both our own pathway to God and our resemblance to the eagle.
    With the eagle’s 7 principles in mind, we survived through it all: thick snow, slippery trails and trembling hands. Despite all the hardships we faced in the hike, we managed to make it till the end. Thus, we strengthened our bond by picking each other up and encouraging our friends to keep walking.
    The snowshoeing hike was meant to find the hidden significance behind the silent moments and nature’s landscapes. The view from the snow-capped mountain top was mesmerizing, so that was where we decided to pray.
    We ended our adventure with a new lesson learnt: sharing experiences makes people a team that holds a lot of common ethics. This quality time made us realise more the blessings of the Lord and the importance of the bond between the group members.
    Jana Zoghbi
    S2 SE