• A new challenge for the Ain Najm’s Missionary Group 11 photos

    Missionnaires SSCC

    We are only as strong as our weakest link, and so, in the light of God’s spirit and will, Saints Coeurs Ain Najm’s Missionary Group took on a new challenge in order to make sure no one was left behind.

    On March 30-31, we were given the opportunity to grow, as citizens, as a team and a family, but most of all, as servants of God, able to see His work even in the smallest of places. It is in these circumstances that we acquired the profile of a true Missionary Group, one that is eager to take on the future adventures, especially the Mission in July.

    The twenty-four hour camp seemed like such a short span of time, but when people work hard in harmony, and for a common goal, it becomes easy to assure that we have truly evolved during these past days. This we owe it all to ourselves, to our organizing team, and God.

    Elie Kifrawi