• Missionary group! A day well spent at Gharzouz! 9 photos

    Missionnaires SSCC

    What better way is there to get to know God and ourselves than through His creation: nature?!? It is in this respect that we spent a day at Gharzouz, where we learned about its historical background and natural traits. There, we got closer as a group as we walked together to reach a beautiful monastery overlooking a wonderful view.
    We shared prayers along the way and meditated upon the greatness of God amidst this peaceful setting.
    On this day, we had quite an exceptional meeting with Miss Rida Azar, an advocate of human rights, who shared with us real-life stories about respect and equality.
    It was such a valuable experience that taught us that we can add our own touch to this world to make it a better place not just for us, but also for the entire human race!
    Lara tannouri