• The Missionary Group in Bchaale 29 photos

    Missionnaires SSCC

    As Pope Francis has always called all the missionaries around the world to save the planet and protect it from pollution, the Missionary Group of SSCC Ain Najm responded to the call immediately.

    In fact, the missionaries went to Bchaale, in Batroun, where they discovered this ancient village that holds the secrets of Lebanese traditions and organised a clean-up hike in one of its forests.
    Ancient convents and churches, in addition to 3000-year-old olive trees make Bchaale one of the most amazing villages in Lebanon.
    In the peaceful atmosphere, they praised the Lord through psalms and prayers. This spiritual retreat made them realise that the importance of the training lies in the role of the missionaries as a means to lead people towards The Lord, Jesus Christ. It is after this day that they grasped the special and unique goal they are meant to achieve, which is creating great deeds!
    Antonella Bou Saad