• Farewell To Benon Aghjayan and to Elie Gebara we wish you a lot of courage on your new mission. 10 photos

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    Message from Sr Nawal Akiki

    To all our young people who are leaving Lebanon to fulfill their dreams and ambitions far from their homeland, may God guide your steps and be with you.
    I hope that it is just a temporary phase after which you will all be back equipped with the skills and projects that will make the land of the cedars flourish again.
    To Benon Aghjayan - chef scout and to Elie Gebara - assistant chef scout, we wish you a lot of courage on your new mission.

    Farewell Message From Chef Benon Aghjayan

    14 years ago, I started my life as a scout in SSCC Ain Najm. Who knew it would be that impactful?! Who knew it would be that life changing?!
    In 14 years, I grew and served as a leader, I learned new skills and most importantly I loved what I was doing. But also, in these 14 years, I made sacrifices to earn what I wanted - and believe me: it was worth it!
    Scouting for me is not some random engagement that I got into and which I am easily willing to let go of.
    The scout for me is a family that I will hold dear to myself, for all of my life.
    Scouting is simply me.
    When they say “scouting starts at home” they mean it because before being anything else, being a scout is being You.
    SSCC Ain Najm is this place that provided us with a great atmosphere to live our mission to the fullest, and for that we are all thankful!
    To all my scout family, keep doing what you do best, keep on growing and again most importantly keep on loving.
    One big family