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    Club Santé

    Three guest speakers, five clubs and three hundred happy high schoolers: that is how Monday the 30st of January can be described. In fact, on the occasion of launching the school clubs, grades 10 and 11 students had the pleasure to meet three influential figures on the Lebanese arena. Sportsman Silvio Chiha, Founder of DSC, Yorgui Teyrouz and content creator, Tony El Maalouf. Each of these distinguished guests shared their insights related to their domains. With Mr. Chiha, the students delved into aquatic sports, wellbeing and patriotic sense, where he incited them to chase their dreams and work hard to make them come true. With Mr. Teyrouz, they discovered the impact of one incident on the mission of one person: how he founded Donner Sang Compter and the willingness to serve society. As to Mr. El Maalouf, he stressed the importance of influencing the audience with a proper content. From him, the students learnt that creativity and uniqueness are key to any project.
    With workshops on the playground and talks in Jean Paul II, the high schoolers ended their day not only with life lessons learnt but also with bigger dreams!